Concord, Maynard & Lexington Bike Ride

So, since I moved to Bedford, I’ve not gone out biking much.  But I’m trying to change that.   Also, since Google now allows waypoints on their website, I’m providing maps in that format.  (It’s much easier to scout bike routes this way.)

Anyway,  I biked Route 62 all the way into Maynard, then used Route 117 to get to Route 126 to stop off at Walden Pond.  (Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chain for the bike, and didn’t feel like pushing it through the park, so I skipped any real sightseeing.)  Then I used Route 2 and 2A, then Mass Ave. to get into Lexington.  However, I took the wrong left and backtracked into Bedford Center, instead of meeting up with Middlesex Turnpike.  Ended up going ~5 miles more than I intended.  Dang sore afterwards.  Dunno why I decided to go so far, as I’m barely in a “regular” physical fitness routine.

Was probably biking for 180 minutes, (hard to say with two stops I made.)  With 37 miles traveled, that’s roughly 12.4 mph.  Not horrible.

Auburn Bike Ride

I haven’t gone out biking in some time, and the weather here is becoming the bright, crisp autumn days, which I think is perfect weather. So out I went.

Now, being dab in the middle of Worcester has changed what is easy to get out… which I’ve found quite annoying, but today I got past it and decided to just see how bad it could be. Chose to explore Auburn, the town south of Worcester. Had to use Park Ave, a usually busy road, and Soutbridge Street, which I thought could also be bad. But, Sunday at noon, everything is quite tranquil in comparison.

Went for 74 minutes, and traveled 14.68 miles, for roughly 11.9 mph average. That’s allot higher than I expected, since the route I did was quite hilly, and I must admit I had to walk up part of one. I guess I have the leg strength, but not the endurance.

Wachusett Reservoir Bike Ride

Today I drove out to the bottom of the reservoir, and rode around it. Got initially confused, rode up Rt. 140 instead of Rt. 110 for a few miles before realizing my mistake and turning around. Explored the dam at the top of the reservoir; it’s pretty cool structurally. I felt weak overall though; I need to exercise more.

I was out for over two hours, and on foot part of that time, so mileage really doesn’t make any sense to calculate.

Holden & NW Worcester Ride.

I haven’t been very active this summer, with my Burlington summer internship, but I finally got out today on my bike. Living at my new Worcester apartment, I have to reacquaint myself with escape routes from the city, and find good locations. Today, I decided on something “short”, and something I’ve done before. Thus, Rt. 122A into Holden, and eventually return home.

Two oddities of the trip:

  • I took an unintended path at mile 8; I should have gone straight past Pinecroft dairy instead of taking the left. But, what’s another mile or two???
  • There were lot’s of people honking at me today. Perhaps I’ve been away from it for too long. Perhaps I’m being more assertive. Hard to say. (I think there should be tee-shirts for bikers that say I’m a legal vehicle on the roadway and you have to share.)

Anyway, I was out for about 90 minutes, making the average speed 11.1 mph. Not too shabby, actually.