Virgin Galactic Unveils Design of SpaceShipTwo

On January 23, 2008, Virgin Galactic unveiled the revised design of SpaceShipTwo:

I find this exciting because the promise of space-travel is finally coming into existence. Between SpaceShipTwo and Bigelow Aerospace’s “Genesis” project, the underpinnings of space travel and being built. (Insert ‘ironic’ tag “it’s private industry doing this instead of any government” here.)

Streaming Music (a.k.a. Internet Radio)

One of the many wonders of the internet and information age is streaming music. In short, it’s like radio over the internet. On a more technical level, it’s more like an audio file that always changing with new music, and always accessible.

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“What Is Love” Sketch Parodies.

For anyone who’s had the (mis)fortune of watching SNL during the mid to late nineties, you are probably familiar with the “What Is Love” sketches starring Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan, (and one starring the SNL host Jim Carrey.) If not maybe you’ve had the misfortune of watching “A Night At the Roxbury”.  Anyway, if you’ve seen either, then you may find the following of interest.

This animation collection is a set of parodies of the trio driving in the car. Many of them are nerdy in nature, including sci-fi show references, Internet memes, and computer/console gaming history. I particularly like the ASCII and Tiger ones; you’ll know what I mean…


About three weeks ago I came across the Musicovery from It’s a website that creates a unique “radio” audio playlist for your listening pleasure. The songs are ranked according to several categories, and are graphically displayed. For example, the default interface provides a 2D picture with a “Dark / Positive” continuum on the horizontal, and a “Calm / Energetic” continuum on the vertical; chick anywhere and a selection of over a dozen songs are selected. There are many subtleties to this visual cues which are best experienced to understand, (some of which I’ve not guessed the meaning of yet).