Debian Iceweasel Upgrade from Unstable 10.0.x ESR to Experimental 16.0.x

So, I’m typically very reserved about using under-supported software of any kind, and that includes anything coming from Debian’s “experimental/rc-buggy” branch.  However, Iceweasel finally tempted me to cross the line.

There were two motivations:

  • I use allot of tabs; I leave them open; I consider this expected user behaviour.  However, I also have a older computer with a moderate amount of RAM; this too I consider a typical user setup.  So, it’s very annoying when Iceweasel consumes 2/3rds of my RAM, 100% of a CPU when “idle”, and occasionally becomes unresponsive.
  • 16.0.x’s about:memory information was upgraded to partition memory usage by which tabs are responsible.  Finally, I could get some immediate feedback into which websites were abusing my system!

So, I took the dive.

What an immediate difference!  First of all, restarting Iceweasel with maybe 50-tabs across 6 windows was allot faster.  Second, it appears that tabs that aren’t selected at startup do nothing/minimal work, and only load on selection.  Finally, the about:memory information really is broken down by tab; I can finally observe offending tabs, and proceed accordingly.

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