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Charles L. Wilcox

Objective Work with disciplined software engineers, using test driven development and dynamic program analysis, to create world-class software libraries.
Technical Skills Programming Languages: C++, C, UNIX scripts, NVidia C for CUDA, MATLAB, Gnuplot, Python, XHTML/CSS, Perl, Java, Assembly.
C++ Programming Libraries: C++ Standard Template Library (STL), Boost C++ Libraries, Eigen C++ Linear Algebra Library, Mercury C Scientific Applications Library ( SAL ), LEMON C++ Graph Library, VSIPL / VSIPL++.
Software Development Tools: Mercurial (HG), Subversion (SVN), CVS, Vim, GNU Make, CMake, Doxygen, GCC, GDB, Valgrind Memcheck & Cachegrind, Google Performance Tools, GProf, Virtualbox, Linux KVM.
Analytical Techniques: ( Extended/Particle ) Kalman Filtering, Bayesean Inference, Linear Programming, Graph Theory.
Work History
- 2014 Nov
The MathWorks, Inc.
Senior Software Engineer
  • Developed libraries for instrumentation, and benchmarking.
  • Developed and delivered training about performance in C++.
  • Led group advancing software performance knowledge.
  • Supported performance improvements and fixed regressions for the Simulink UI.
2013 Apr
- 2012 Apr
ExaGrid Systems Inc.
Senior Software Engineer
  • Developed and maintained high-throughput, streaming, backup data software.
2012 March
- 2010 Jan
BAE Systems: Technology Solutions - Advanced Information Technologies: All Source Exploitation (ASE)
Senior Software Engineer
  • Was a primary engineer for a new, small SWaP, GMTI signal-processing chain.
  • Led three software engineers to upgrade interfaces, add DTED, and replace calibration routines.
  • Continued as the primary engineer with General Atomics - ASI's on the Lynx Dual Beam Radar.
2009 Dec
- 2006 May
BAE Systems: Technology Solutions - Advanced Information Technologies: ISR, Mission Management & Fusion (IMF)
Software Engineer II
  • Was the primary engineer for a new, Mercury Multicomputer based, GMTI processing chain with General Atomics - ASI on the DARPA Dual Beam Project.
  • Engineered new functionality, added parallelism, and refactored major components of flagship track-fusion product ATIF.
  • Improved throughput efficiency by +20% by profiling, analyzing, and refactoring.
2006 May
- 2000 May
WPI Computer Science: Systems
Assistant Lab Manager
  • Created and maintained a robust Windows workstation image using Sysprep and Symantec Ghost, used on 200+ machines.
  • Evaluated technologies for departmental use such as: Distributed File Systems, Samba Domain Controller, Virtual Machine solutions.
Education Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) - Worcester, MA
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science (incomplete)
Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM) - Limestone, ME
High School Diploma.
Course Work Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Computation Theory, Graphics, Networks, Object-Oriented Design, Operating Systems, Software Engineering
  • Led and worked on team-oriented course projects.
  • Worked in a mock full development cycle involving seven team produced modules.
  • Implemented decision-tree AI program to analyze and predict demographic census data.
  • Simulated OSI network layers 2 & 3 using TCP OS system calls.
Senior Project Autonomous Package Management System
  • Created a framework and nomenclature relating software packages, distribution packaging, and site installs.
  • Wrote a platform-independent PERL program to track, install, and upgrade software packages.
  • Made a webpage front-end to manage this system.
Honours Software Engineer of the Year 2008
Nils Sandell, V.P. for Advanced Information Systems( AIT )
  • Given out to one AIT Software Engineer per year to recognize outstanding contributions.
  • Awarded for contributions to the Dual-Beam Space-Time Adaptive Processing project.
Chairman's Bronze Award 2011
Dick Olver, Chairman
  • Given out to any BAE Systems project that makes the company more competitive and strong.
  • Awarded to the Dual-Beam project for "Enhancing Customer Performance".
2011 Best Collaboration of the Year
David A. Logan, Vice President and General Manager, Technology Solutions (TS)
  • Given out to recognize outstanding collaboration between groups and divisions within TS.
  • Awarded to the "SAR-GMTI Multi-INT SGP Team".
Inducted into the Rho Kappa cast of the Alpha Psi Omega theatre honor society in the Spring of 2003.
Activities Kayaking, biking, hiking, racquetball.