Streaming Music (a.k.a. Internet Radio)

One of the many wonders of the internet and information age is streaming music. In short, it’s like radio over the internet. On a more technical level, it’s more like an audio file that always changing with new music, and always accessible.

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About three weeks ago I came across the Musicovery from It’s a website that creates a unique “radio” audio playlist for your listening pleasure. The songs are ranked according to several categories, and are graphically displayed. For example, the default interface provides a 2D picture with a “Dark / Positive” continuum on the horizontal, and a “Calm / Energetic” continuum on the vertical; chick anywhere and a selection of over a dozen songs are selected. There are many subtleties to this visual cues which are best experienced to understand, (some of which I’ve not guessed the meaning of yet).