M-hull watercraft design.


Came across this company that is developing a novel watercraft hull design. Originally designed to arrest the wake of the craft, it has evolved to include other principles of “captured air design”… which lead to a smoother ride, and an overall more efficient hull.

I find this nifty for many reasons. The first is how a very simple initial design goal (reduce the wake of the craft) has lead to orthogonal improvements as well; this is a great example of why creative & innovative efforts should always be undertaken… who would have thought technology as old as watercraft-hulls could see such a dramatic change.

Secondly, it just looks cool. It has a broad and square design more like a hovercraft, compared to traditional craft. The open cavities on the front (plenums) are reminiscent of jet-craft air-intakes. It looks more like something out of a space sci-fi movie or game (Wing Commander comes to mind.)

Anyway, I hope to see this idea in the future in some spy/military movie like James Bond, or maybe making waves (metaphorically speaking) in some publicly visible boat race / competition.