Mars Hill Wind Farm

Mars Hill Wind Farm Construction 2006-11-06

About a month ago, one of my MSSM friends, Jen, told me that Mars Hill, Maine was getting a wind farm. And a substantial one at that, being able to provide roughly half of Aroostook County’s residential energy needs. For the details:

FAQ Evergreen Wind Power, LLC’s FAQ on Their Project

Pictures and AP News Article on Initial Construction

Bangor News Project Update

This is great for many reasons, such as support for renewable energy and revitalizing the economy.

I believe this will be a great boon for wind farm projects throughout the area. Already other proposed wind-farm projects are citing the willingness of the people and the progress of the Mars Hill project in their own publications. I hope it succeeds, and gives credence to Wind Farm technology in general.

I also believe it will be great for the economy back home. About 24,000 homes on average could be powered off of this, which should stabilize electricity costs, and hopefully reduce them. The huge influx of property tax from this company to Mars Hill should help that community invest and grow. Publicity of the project should heighten awareness of the region and potentially influence tourism. Not to mention the local construction companies hired to install the facility, and the employees in the area to maintain it.